Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tangkak 09/10 (2)

this post suppost to continue from the Tangkak 09/10.
I just back from Tangkak to UTM and really miss the life there.
Now need to suit to the Uni life.
In Tangkak, I can bring my handbag out and feel more secure but here I only can bring wallet out.
Everyday I only walk for about 5 min then I can take my meal or take away but in UTM I need to use transportation to take my meal and buy something which is not convenient for our students.

Along the Jalan Dataran U can see lot nice pathway which mainly for recreational purpose

every evening mostly this place start to have lot people gather around

nobody is beside me to help me took this snap so I have to managed by myself.

this pic took infront of the kopitiam

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malacca christmas

Chrismas eve celebrate at Malacca

Malacca night scene during Chrismas
a fast snap before I went back to Tangkak

no function in Malacca so only took pic and felt the view.#5
with my Tangkak group's coursemate waiting for Chrismas countdown came

Tangkak 09/10

from this pic u can see the pathways really beautiful rite?

Hi everyone, I am now stay in Tangkak for 9 days until 1st Jan 2010 Today just only a short post, my friends going to use broadband already. so no choice... today was the last day to take the frequency data about the transportation. really crazy, I need to take 3 days with 5 times a day stand beside the road and count the numbers of transportation and pedestrians.
Tomorrow I still need to take some more information from
Muar which is about 30min journey from Tangkak.
this pic might put inside my presentation board later....

alright, I am going to past the internet to Ang.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the last trip before back to uni life

Hi everyone, this is a very belated post as well.
because of the connection so it make two of my blog postponed to show up.
This is my second time to visit this blue mansion. The first time I just only stood outside and for this time only can went in to have a look.

I like the blue color they cat this building.

Sun lighting really so strong to make my eyes can't really open.

I like this two picture. amazing ler...

Alright I have to stop writing and prepare for my next mission again.wakaka...
will update again for this post as I still got a few picture havnt upload.
maybe see u all tomorrow again if I am free to post anything.

ice-ice baby

Sorry for so long no update my blog. This blog suppose to be upload a few week earlier, but I didn't as the internet line in my hostel here very suck.. Today is the last day I stay in my hostel before end of 2009. Tomorrow will go to Tangkak to do my project for 9 days. no Chrismas and New Year anymore.#1
He is one of my hometown best friends,Mao Mao...

Pinky fashion shop behind pink pink

We were trying to act cute.

Here was the ice cream I ordered that day.Yummy...

ice cream wv blue berry favour

the ice cream so so only

Mostly all the food they serve are ice creams and I like the way they design their interior.

Alright now is the time for me to go to sleep waiting for so long upload the picture.stupid line.
After wake up will prepare my trip to Tangkak.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

hello Little Nyonya

I am going to write a short post as I need to go bed soon while waiting for my sister back from her class.

So long no go out with family already.. yeh yeh, last sunday my family them went to day trip in Penang Island....
#1 My mum wear so ang ang... the weather a bit hot until our eyes can't open. Aiya, i shouldn't
took the plastic beg togather.

#2 Do you remember this scene..this is the place where little nyonya came from...

#3 We stood so serious here...

#4 Paiseh,all the resolution not too high so look a bit blur here....

Haiz...resolution problem again.

ok,the end. now my sister back already and is time for me to sleep now.good night everyone. See you again on the next post.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Play wv Hair Dye

Today I am going to teach you on how to play with the hair colour by using ps to edit. It is very easy and fun, only need a few step to do it. I ady simplify all the step to make all of you easy to remember all the step.

1) chose the photo that you want to edit. 2)open a new layer 3)select the hair color that you want. 4)use the suitable brush to color your hair just like the picture below.5)double click on the layer that you color, then change the blend mode from normal to soft light.

6)now you can see your hair color start to change, use eraser tool to erase the edge that you went over.

7)duplicate on the layer that you color to make the color more obvious and tidy up the whole photo to look more impressing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

easy halftone dot foto editing

Hi everyone,today is public holiday so I guess everyone are outing now but I am still here to write blog. Hope later i got changes to watch 2012 and can book a better seat. Today I am going to teach you on how to edit a halftone dot foto. That is just only a few step to achieve it.

1)to start with... Open the image you want to edit in photoshop. line here very slow..I am still waiting for uploadi
ng my picture here.
2)duplicate background layer.

3)with the background copy layer, go to filter>sketch>halftone pattern
(make sure your foreground colour is white and background colour is black)

You can also adjust the size and contrast

4)after clicking OK, your picture will look like below.
5)after clicking OK, then invert your picture by hold down ctl key and I.

6)Finally, change the normal mode to linear light and also adjust the opacity and fill.

Picture after edittingPicture before any editting

time for shopping and movie with family ....bye

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

how to make HDR foto

This is one of the amazing photoshop tutorial I just try this morning.

1) take one of the foto to edit and duplicate it by pressing clt+j inside the photoshop.2)at the same layer, go to image>mode>Lab color

The reason why I use lab color is because when I want to do some adjustment later the lightness density and the colour density are different so it will not effect the color.

the image still look same with the previous effect.


adjust acordding to the following instruction

Channel:Lightness adjustment the output to 78 and input to 65

Channel:a adjustment the output to -128 and input to -66

Channel:b adjustment the output to -128 and input to -84

After pressing OK, your image will look like this

3)duplicate again layer 1

4)at layer 1 copy, go to filter>other>high pass...>radius:6

5)eventually, adjust the opacity to 50% and the fill to 50%

Now your image should look like this.
image after editting

image before any editting

Hope you like it....

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