Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka to all the Malaysian

Happy Merdeka! Yeah... My holiday coming soon. 4 months no back to my hometome...Yahoo...
I still got 2 more days to go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mount Faber

 All this picture took during my practical with my coursemate. Really so long no upgrade my blog, today suddenly got mood to write my blog. this sem gonna busy with my thesis research.
Regarding to the information about Mount Faber, here the link can search about it. http://www.mountfaber.com.sg/

#1  Finally we can took the picture together on the bridge.

#2     see! the bridge quite nice right?

#3  On the way climb to the submit  

#4    The Faber Point gateway

 #5    can breath the fresh air on top the bridge and actually down there was the roadway.

 #6    curvy shape  

I found out there are some similarly in between the Mount Faber and the one in Texas, Pedestrian Bridge. The design shape and the material look almost the same.

 #7    Pedestrian Bridge, Taxes by  Miro Rivera Architects

I still got more picture still haven't share with you all. Like the picture in Sri Lanka and Singapore Trip.........
Don't forget to keep on update with my blog.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Day Trip With Sister

 the main entrance of zoo

when my sister bought ticket then I took this opportunity to take picture around. C..she is the one bring the red colour beg.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

MOM day

Monday I went to Clark Quay to make appointment with MOM and took me $6 to snap passport size photo. The requirement for this photo must use white color background so I had to spend money for that again. HUREH..... Finally, yesterday I get my training employment pass. But unfortunately they was still a few of my coursemate still can not get the permit because of the silly things happen so they still need to wait for another 3 weeks to reprocess again. You can check the information related to MOM from this link: http://www.mom.gov.sg/publish/momportal/en/home.aspx
Everyone waiting for their turn

This picture I snap inside MOM while waiting for my turn to process my document.
Can you see Marina Bay Sands? I will go to this building soon, hehe....the good news about this casino is free entrance fees for the Malaysian...Hureh again....

Boat Quay..

My training emplyment pass for 1 year, with using this pass I can easily acess to Malaysia and Singapore Castam

Monday, May 17, 2010


Picture take from the Esplanade
Now Esplanade having free show from 14May until 13 June

This is the stage that everyone waiting for the performance start

the open air restaurant and the light circle performance.

Last Sunday my coursemate and I plan to go Botanic Garden at the evening but was raining during that time then we changed the place to Esplanade since now got Art Festival. The every 2 days will perform different free shows for everyone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

helping my sister to edit her photo

left : the picture tag by Reena in her Facebook. this is the picture before editing. right :picture after editing

this is the picture she use to become her profile picture. I cant show more bigger size picture her because I know she want to become low profile. But now I still publish her, dunno what will happen later after she read my blog?????

see! this is the result after editing from the photoshop beginner. She just only learn less than 1 hours from me then this is 100% done by herself. so give her some applause.....piak piak piak

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CAD subject : My Impression of University Technology Malaysia

Sorry for so long no update my blog already, 2day I am going to share the photo I took during my 4th year 1st sem CAD subject. This is one of the assignments for this subject and the title name My Impression of University Technology Malaysia.

This picture is the original photo without any effect edit in photoshop. Only the wordings are
from photoshop. I took this picture somewhere around Engineering Faculty

This pict
ure want to show water color effect from photoshop.

I still remember one of my coursemates said this picture look like somewhere around Europe countries.

This picture show water color effect after photoshop edited.

I hope I can continue to update my blog during my internship in Singapore and I will take a lot nice picture over there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY day 4

Time to visit friends house and take ang pow and meet old friends.

Lee Teng and GGLai. Both are my best friends ever. Every time when i went back to hometown, sure I will meet them up.

Khee Siang, Cindy and me.

Will miss u guy later when i back to JB and hope we can keep in touch always. Sorry Cindy for no replying your massages as you always sent me forward massage so next time try to chat with me and I will reply you.

Monday, January 11, 2010


My room's internet very slow so it take quite long time for me to upload my picture. But today I manage to upload as I am now online in the studio where the line more faster. Actually I want to post this blog since last week. Yesterday I had already complaint to the officer about the internet. Hope they will take the action soon.

Today the blog is about the crazy things I had done during the Tangkak trip and the creative picture took by my coursemate. All the picture below snap by my coursemate and edited by me.
#1(Creavtive + Crazy)
When the creative and crazy intersect together

#2 (Creative 1)
this is the 1st creative picture I want to share. I actually wearing the green pant inside this picture.

#3 (Creative 2)
Actually my coursemates them used handphone to make this

#4 (Creative 3)
The night scene in Tangkak

#5 (Crazy1)
we jump from back side

#6 (Crazy2)
wo...I jump into water

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ledang waterfall

went to this place during the last day of 2009

we climb so high to arrive this level

I like pic very much

today just only post a few pic as now still rushing for my studio work so hope tomorrow got time to upload more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tangkak:Comparison between sketches n real pic

today I am going to show u all my studio sketches which i use the real pic i took that day when in Tangkak and used pen to draw. Some of my sketches ady selected by my coursemate to put in our Tangkak group board later. feel free to left me command on my sketches

sketches:shop lot along Jalan Muar

real pic:shop lot along Jalan Muar

sketches:textile shop located both side of Jalan Payamas

real pic:textile shop located both side of Jalan Payamas

sketches:Pasar Tani

real pic:Pasar Tani

sketches:vehicle congestion

real pic:vehicle congestion
sketches:Food stalls

real pic:Food stalls

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