Monday, January 11, 2010


My room's internet very slow so it take quite long time for me to upload my picture. But today I manage to upload as I am now online in the studio where the line more faster. Actually I want to post this blog since last week. Yesterday I had already complaint to the officer about the internet. Hope they will take the action soon.

Today the blog is about the crazy things I had done during the Tangkak trip and the creative picture took by my coursemate. All the picture below snap by my coursemate and edited by me.
#1(Creavtive + Crazy)
When the creative and crazy intersect together

#2 (Creative 1)
this is the 1st creative picture I want to share. I actually wearing the green pant inside this picture.

#3 (Creative 2)
Actually my coursemates them used handphone to make this

#4 (Creative 3)
The night scene in Tangkak

#5 (Crazy1)
we jump from back side

#6 (Crazy2)
wo...I jump into water

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ledang waterfall

went to this place during the last day of 2009

we climb so high to arrive this level

I like pic very much

today just only post a few pic as now still rushing for my studio work so hope tomorrow got time to upload more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tangkak:Comparison between sketches n real pic

today I am going to show u all my studio sketches which i use the real pic i took that day when in Tangkak and used pen to draw. Some of my sketches ady selected by my coursemate to put in our Tangkak group board later. feel free to left me command on my sketches

sketches:shop lot along Jalan Muar

real pic:shop lot along Jalan Muar

sketches:textile shop located both side of Jalan Payamas

real pic:textile shop located both side of Jalan Payamas

sketches:Pasar Tani

real pic:Pasar Tani

sketches:vehicle congestion

real pic:vehicle congestion
sketches:Food stalls

real pic:Food stalls

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