Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka to all the Malaysian

Happy Merdeka! Yeah... My holiday coming soon. 4 months no back to my hometome...Yahoo...
I still got 2 more days to go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mount Faber

 All this picture took during my practical with my coursemate. Really so long no upgrade my blog, today suddenly got mood to write my blog. this sem gonna busy with my thesis research.
Regarding to the information about Mount Faber, here the link can search about it. http://www.mountfaber.com.sg/

#1  Finally we can took the picture together on the bridge.

#2     see! the bridge quite nice right?

#3  On the way climb to the submit  

#4    The Faber Point gateway

 #5    can breath the fresh air on top the bridge and actually down there was the roadway.

 #6    curvy shape  

I found out there are some similarly in between the Mount Faber and the one in Texas, Pedestrian Bridge. The design shape and the material look almost the same.

 #7    Pedestrian Bridge, Taxes by  Miro Rivera Architects

I still got more picture still haven't share with you all. Like the picture in Sri Lanka and Singapore Trip.........
Don't forget to keep on update with my blog.

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