Saturday, May 22, 2010

MOM day

Monday I went to Clark Quay to make appointment with MOM and took me $6 to snap passport size photo. The requirement for this photo must use white color background so I had to spend money for that again. HUREH..... Finally, yesterday I get my training employment pass. But unfortunately they was still a few of my coursemate still can not get the permit because of the silly things happen so they still need to wait for another 3 weeks to reprocess again. You can check the information related to MOM from this link:
Everyone waiting for their turn

This picture I snap inside MOM while waiting for my turn to process my document.
Can you see Marina Bay Sands? I will go to this building soon, hehe....the good news about this casino is free entrance fees for the Malaysian...Hureh again....

Boat Quay..

My training emplyment pass for 1 year, with using this pass I can easily acess to Malaysia and Singapore Castam

Monday, May 17, 2010


Picture take from the Esplanade
Now Esplanade having free show from 14May until 13 June

This is the stage that everyone waiting for the performance start

the open air restaurant and the light circle performance.

Last Sunday my coursemate and I plan to go Botanic Garden at the evening but was raining during that time then we changed the place to Esplanade since now got Art Festival. The every 2 days will perform different free shows for everyone.

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