Saturday, May 22, 2010

MOM day

Monday I went to Clark Quay to make appointment with MOM and took me $6 to snap passport size photo. The requirement for this photo must use white color background so I had to spend money for that again. HUREH..... Finally, yesterday I get my training employment pass. But unfortunately they was still a few of my coursemate still can not get the permit because of the silly things happen so they still need to wait for another 3 weeks to reprocess again. You can check the information related to MOM from this link:
Everyone waiting for their turn

This picture I snap inside MOM while waiting for my turn to process my document.
Can you see Marina Bay Sands? I will go to this building soon, hehe....the good news about this casino is free entrance fees for the Malaysian...Hureh again....

Boat Quay..

My training emplyment pass for 1 year, with using this pass I can easily acess to Malaysia and Singapore Castam


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