Wednesday, November 11, 2009

how to make HDR foto

This is one of the amazing photoshop tutorial I just try this morning.

1) take one of the foto to edit and duplicate it by pressing clt+j inside the photoshop.2)at the same layer, go to image>mode>Lab color

The reason why I use lab color is because when I want to do some adjustment later the lightness density and the colour density are different so it will not effect the color.

the image still look same with the previous effect.


adjust acordding to the following instruction

Channel:Lightness adjustment the output to 78 and input to 65

Channel:a adjustment the output to -128 and input to -66

Channel:b adjustment the output to -128 and input to -84

After pressing OK, your image will look like this

3)duplicate again layer 1

4)at layer 1 copy, go to filter>other>high pass...>radius:6

5)eventually, adjust the opacity to 50% and the fill to 50%

Now your image should look like this.
image after editting

image before any editting

Hope you like it....


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