Monday, January 11, 2010


My room's internet very slow so it take quite long time for me to upload my picture. But today I manage to upload as I am now online in the studio where the line more faster. Actually I want to post this blog since last week. Yesterday I had already complaint to the officer about the internet. Hope they will take the action soon.

Today the blog is about the crazy things I had done during the Tangkak trip and the creative picture took by my coursemate. All the picture below snap by my coursemate and edited by me.
#1(Creavtive + Crazy)
When the creative and crazy intersect together

#2 (Creative 1)
this is the 1st creative picture I want to share. I actually wearing the green pant inside this picture.

#3 (Creative 2)
Actually my coursemates them used handphone to make this

#4 (Creative 3)
The night scene in Tangkak

#5 (Crazy1)
we jump from back side

#6 (Crazy2)
wo...I jump into water


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