Thursday, August 4, 2011

hatyai Day 1 Part1

Hi, today i am going to show my Hatyai trip. My first impression about Hatyai is the whole environment look like staying in old town but clean.
#1   indoor market place 
As we know Hatyai is well know for market and food. Once u reach there, can see a lot market and the food taste good and cheap. that why people always say Thailand part of the good place for shopping.

#2   our first lunch in Hatyai
#3   Hatyai Tuktuk in few colour 
#4   Hatyai Mcd. Hatyai  mascot is totally different than us

#5  Girl in cosplay. death note theme

On the way to Lee Garden Plaza , saw few person wear cosplay cloth stood in  the middle of walkway, i guess they were promoting their product.
#6 Flower Soap , look nice rite. 

#7 Handmade market in Lee Garden Plaza
#8 Artwork selling in handmade market
Must try and explore in Hatyai list :
1) Tuktuk
2) Take picture with McD mascot
3) shop at handmade market
4) pork rice
5) praying in Hatyai
6) shop for junk food
7) collagen drink is cheap
8) floating market
9) night show
10) morning and night market


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