Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ice-ice baby

Sorry for so long no update my blog. This blog suppose to be upload a few week earlier, but I didn't as the internet line in my hostel here very suck.. Today is the last day I stay in my hostel before end of 2009. Tomorrow will go to Tangkak to do my project for 9 days. no Chrismas and New Year anymore.#1
He is one of my hometown best friends,Mao Mao...

Pinky fashion shop behind pink pink

We were trying to act cute.

Here was the ice cream I ordered that day.Yummy...

ice cream wv blue berry favour

the ice cream so so only

Mostly all the food they serve are ice creams and I like the way they design their interior.

Alright now is the time for me to go to sleep waiting for so long upload the picture.stupid line.
After wake up will prepare my trip to Tangkak.


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