Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tangkak 09/10 (2)

this post suppost to continue from the Tangkak 09/10.
I just back from Tangkak to UTM and really miss the life there.
Now need to suit to the Uni life.
In Tangkak, I can bring my handbag out and feel more secure but here I only can bring wallet out.
Everyday I only walk for about 5 min then I can take my meal or take away but in UTM I need to use transportation to take my meal and buy something which is not convenient for our students.

Along the Jalan Dataran U can see lot nice pathway which mainly for recreational purpose

every evening mostly this place start to have lot people gather around

nobody is beside me to help me took this snap so I have to managed by myself.

this pic took infront of the kopitiam


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